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Bcc Bitconnect lending plan  is one of the most powerful and handsome lending platform to lend Bitconnect bcc. Dear, Friends bitconnect is a big chance in life so take the advantage of this change to go higher. Bitconnect is a decentralized crypto-currency which provides independency to all its traders, in a community of like-minded, freedom loving individuals, who like you, are seeking the possibility of income stability in a very unstable world.

As well as, the company has its own bitconnect coin exchange named Bitconnect.co through which you can easily buy and sell bitconnect coin so a small amount of an investment can change your life. Please view bitconnect volatility software image below 2-3 paragraphs.

Note-Join at your own risk because we are only publishing reviews this is not the official page or contact no of bitconnect.

Bitconnect plan now do many new changes in its plan like now company only give 3 level income that is 5+3+2.Bitconnect lending now  not accept BCH so many more changes in bitconnect lending plan.The company proves to be the biggest profitable company to invest as we all know.Bitconnect makes every one happy as the company gives payou on regular basis.

Payment status-SCAM


payment status-scam

Bitconnect review

Bcc coin price is continuously increasing day by day and it is the world top 10 Oh my god today on 21st oct, 2017 BCC Bitconnect touched 200 usd on nova exchange. Bitconnect price in terms of dollar increases almost 200 times in almost 10-11 months. Bitconnect(bcc) official website bitconnect.co is also very useful for those who are willing to earn daily income in bitcoin by doing bitconnect bcc lending and it is paying from last 1.5 years.

You can also do Bitconnect mining through mining software. Bitconnect in India and all the countries is like a dream for all who want to make rapid money through crypto-currency.

BitConnect Coin (BCC) mining is the process by which new BitConnect Coin bcc are generated. BitConnect coin can be mined with CPU/GPU and does not need an ASIC miner like Bitcoin does. You can explore more about BCC Mining on their Bitconnect Official Website.

Bitconnect Coin is fully decentralized currency on which there is no power of any government, any individual or any company. It runs according to demand and supply in the market. You can also mine Bitconnect Currency by hardware computerised machine.

bcc bitconnect lending plan

BCC Bitconnect lending plan offer: Get additional 5% discount on Bitconnect coin lending.How? Please read below

1-first create Bitconnect account from our refer link  👉     Bitconnect.co

2-Than lend your Bitconnect coins by any amount you want
3-After lending inform us that you have lended with our refer id by doing
4-In 1 to 2 hours you get extra 5% Bitconnect coins in your id.
5-for ex-if you lend 1000$ Bitconnect coin you will get 50$ Bitconnect coin free as a discountBCC Bitconnect lending plan offer: Get additional 5% discount on Bitconnect coin lending.How?please read below
1-first create Bitconnect account from our refer link     Bitconnect.co
2-Than lend your Bitconnect coins by any amount you want
3-After lending inform us that you have lended with our refer id by doing whatsapp on +91 9252550881
4-In 1 to 2 hours you get extra 5% Bitconnect coins in your id.
5-for ex-if you lend 1000$ Bitconnect coin you will get 50$ Bitconnect coin free as a discountBitconnect.co
2-Than lend your Bitconnect coins by any amount you want
3-After lending inform us that you have lended with our refer id by doing whatsapp on +91 9252550881
4-In 1 to 2 hours you get extra 5% Bitconnect coins in your id.
5-for ex-if you lend 1000$ Bitconnect coin you will get 50$ Bitconnect coin free as a discount


What is Bitconnect Lending Plan (BCC)?

You can invest Bitconnect coin in BCC Bitconnect lending Plan to earn daily Profits in Bitconnect lending. The company gives approx 30-40% Monthly Income of what we invest. Bitconnect Lending is the Best and genuine Platform to increase our Bitcoins through Bitconnect lending and investment.

The Company is giving Lending Profit since 2016. You can lend minimum 100$ and maximum 1 Lakh Dollar and after lending we can also reinvest our money to a minimum of 10$. So here is a chance for both small and large investors to invest our bitcoin in BCC Bitconnect lending Plan.


Minimum Investment – “100$”



About Bitconnect.co (BCC)

Bitconnect.co is an official website of Bitconnect Coin.On this website you can lend your bitconnect coin into bitconnect lending and earn daily maximum profits on a very genuine bitconnect lending platform .Bitconnect.co is a very deep website in which we can do every thing such as we can buy and sell bitconnect coin by the use of bitcoin and do trading and we can also lend that bitconnect coins whenever we want.We can check all the transactions and manage of team also.

On bitconnect.co the company provides level income to agents who join another person till 7th level and you can check your whole team on bitconnect.co. You can check daily profits credited in your bitconnect wallet account.On bitconnect.co you check the latest price of bitcoin,bitconnect in one place.Lets see below screenshot of bitconnect.co

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Bitconnect mining pool

BitConnect (BCC) Mining pool is a way for BitConnect coin miners to pool their resources together and share their hashing power while splitting the reward equally according to the amount of shares they contributed to solving a block.You can do bitconnect mining which is very profitable according to the current demand of bitconnect coin.

Network Hashrate

40,417,318.53 MH/s

Pool Hashrate

1,181.12 MH/s

World wide access of bitconnect

There are many countries in which bitconnect is running because it is a international plan like bitconnect France,Bitconnect Italy,bitconnect America,bitconnect Australia

The Bitconnect Listed Exchanges





BCC Bitconnect Lending Plan

There are two types of Income-

1. Daily ROI

BCC bitconnect lending plan

2. Referral programme

bcc bitconnect lending plan

How to activate and invest in Bitconnect Lending Plan?

Step-1 First create your ID on bitconnect.co and enter Sponsor ID – “Mobile11”.

Step-2 Login to Your account

Step-3 On Dashboard, Click on “Bitcoin Wallet” and then click on “Deposit Bitcoin”

bcc bitconnect lending plan

Step-4 You will get BTC Address you have to copy that and send Bitcoin on that address.
NOTE – After sometime when your Bitcoin transaction successfully confirmed, you wil get your bitcoin in your Bitconnect Account.

BCC Bitconnect lending plan

Step-5 Now click on Exchange shown on Dashboard and scroll down then buy BCC from your available bitcoin balance. In “total” type your Bitcoin amount and click on buy.
NOTE – Successfully buy Bitconnect Coin.

bcc bitconnect lending plan                               bcc lending plan

Step-6 Now, click on Dashboard and then click on lend Bitconnect / Reinvestment then click on lend bitconnect. Now type amount in DOLLAR and tick in checkbox of “terms of use” then click on pay from Bitconnect Wallet.

NOTE– Successfully Invested in BCC Bitconnect Lending Plan (Bitconnect.co).

bcc bitconnect lending investment plan

Is bitconnect scam?

No,it is wrong bitconnect lending and bitconnect coin is not scam it is an amazing platform to invest our income and increase your profits to enjoy your luxury life for you and your family.Few peoples say that bitconnect lending and bitconnect coin is scam because some are competitors and launch own crypto currency to grab investors money.You think from your mind that bitconnect is paying regularly and rate of bitconnect coin is continuously increasing and people also do bitconnect mining.

Bitconnect lending last 5days profit

bcc bitconnect lending plan

Bitconnect Coin(BCC) Specifications

Maximum coin supply: 28 million
Current available supply: 6 millions
Fresh New supply: Adding 23 million more via BCC mining (2.6 million) and BCC minting (20.4 million) over the time and its purely dependent on public demand

BCC Price and Bitconnect Exchanges

As On (29-10-17)
Current Price – 210$-215$ (fluctuating)
Rank – 9#
According to cryptocurrency market data providers including Coinmarketcap, the trading volume of BCC peaked at $10 million, reaching a market cap of $742 million and a price of $115.
A rising number of bitcoin traders and users started to demonstrate growing demand towards BCC. In the upcoming weeks, as adoption from institutional investors continues and large-scale financial institutions including the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) pursue their plans of integrating bitcoin, the value of bitcoin and BCC will likely rise at a consistent rate.

Features of Bitconnect Coin

1.Bcc is fully decentralized

2.No control any government

3.World 13th number currency

Bitconnect volatilty software

You can earn the maximum return by investing in bitconnect lending and the rate by which you can calculate your daily lending returns is the bitconnect volatility software.The interest rate that bitconnect.co guarantee on your investment while using bitconnect investment platform is calculated by our BitConnect Price Volatility Software and accrued daily.I show you some images below of the bitconnect volatility daily interest chart.

bcc bitconnect lending plan

Review of bcc bitconnect lending plan

Bcc bitconnect lending plan is the best plan for investment running from last 1year successfully and giving payments on regular basis.It gives approx monthly upto40% return which you can redem on daily basis.I invest 2000$ and i am very happy to join this plan as i get my principle amount almost in 78 days.

bcc bitconnect lending plan can possibly develop however you ought to know that Crypto-Currencies are exceptionally unpredictable and the cost could go up or down inside a couple of moment.Bcc bitconnect lending plan is very good plan which is done through bitconnect.co and lot of people earn in crores by doing this mlm plan..it is the best mlm level plan.

We are not responsible for any kind of investment contribute just that much you can spend to free with bitconnect coin never invest more money in the greed to earn more money.

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