Garvit global Plan Reviews is discussed as the Smart way to earn money in today criteria because by using bike bot app login we all can ride from one place to another, and also this company has launched their own bike bot business specially for those investors who are interested to make huge money in their leisure(free time). After reading all the garvit global plan reviews one can change their life very easily only by helping each other. Bike bot plan can done by any of the member, garvit global business plan is designed for every type of customer. Garvit global plan is ultimate in mlm world history and even monthly payouts are coming from garvit global business plan.

Garvit global Plan reviews powered by GIPL says that it is an another investment plan launched which is useful for investors as well as riders. There are various facilities are provided by the owner of bike bot company, it is just like ola, uber, rapido. Garvit global business plan is running successfully from January 2018,Their office costs around 100 crores. Garvit global taxi plan is an another option for free-lancers specially,who are in search for jobs.

Garvit global plan reviews powered by GIPL are better than any other plan which will help you to complete your all dreams in your life .Garvit global business plan is one of the most impressive investment Plan which helps to generate direct and indirect income as well. The main concept of Bike bot business Plan is to invest once and earn more and more money in the form of royalty. Garvit global taxi plan reviews are as young generation startup company which has sets its foot in Dadri, Greater Noida, and Loni. .

Note – We are not the company officials or company executives.We only give our reviews so invest only that much amount that you afford to bear.We don’t recommend to join any company so join at your own risk and invest only that much amount that you afford to bear.

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    1. sandeep Gupta

      Sandeep Gupta.(Delhi)

      bharosa tohh job or zindagi ka bhi nahi hai phir bhi log karrahe hai or kaamyaab hone k liy tohh risk lena hi padta hai nahi tohh zindagi kat tohh abhi bhi rahi hai


    This is a very good plan for new generation and his futures gravit global ek din all india ko cover karegi kyuki isske sabhi worker and maneger imandaar hai aur bhatti sir jaise koi nahi all the best GIPL

  2. Monu Verma

    Bike Bote jaise company koi nhi h kyoki ye sabhi generation ko rojgar de rhi h abhi koi ye nhi bol sakta ki hum berojgar h ek baar kr k dekho to hi pta lagega…..

  3. Dharmendra Singh

    Hi Sir,

    How can we trust on you because many scheme was closed after collect money from market. have you any certificate from gov of India to do this binary business in India ??

    what is your source to provide double in one year as 62,0000 to 117180. while bank take 8 year for double our money ????

    what product you given us can you purchase bike of our name ? bike registration and insurance is our name ?

    if you closed after 6 month then what is guarantee?

    who is MD ??

    whats your MD experience in direct sales market??

    your office address ??? address is not showing in your website ?

    request to all people pls dont invest money blindly . without checking every corner of this company.


    1. Admin

      Sir we are just bloggers not from company. We are pulishing reviews for more information you can conatct company.But as we know company is paying regularly

  4. Devendra

    भाइयों नमस्कार हम इस कंपनी पर कैसे भरोसा करें कि यह एक लंबे समय तक अपना कार्य सुचारु रुप से जारी रखेगी और अन्य प्राइवेट कंपनियों की तरह गायब नहीं होगी या यूं कहो कि भागकर नहीं जाएगी वैसे प्लान तो अच्छा है लेकिन विश्वास कैसे किया जाए इस समस्या का निवारण करें धन्यवाद

  5. Chanderkala

    Sir mene ak sister ki bike lagwai he but Unki kyc nhi ho paa rahi he jab ki her decoment summit kr diya he
    Kya koi or tarika he jaha unke orijnal decoment le Jakar very faee kra sake

  6. Jasbir singh

    If company pay double in one year, wich one bussiness is most profitable in the market show in market. As company policy i think this company not stand in the market more than one/ 2 year

  7. Ajay garg

    मैं ये नहीं समझ पा रहा कि इतनी बड़ी कंपनी ने कॉल पर जानकारी के लिए कोई कांटेक्ट नंबर क्यों नहीं दिया

  8. Anand

    25-30 Dec. ka payment nahi aaya hai, 5-10 Jan. ka bhi ab tak nahi aaya hai. 12, 13 and 14 jan. bank band hai. koi to sahi karan bataye peyment kab aayega.

  9. Parveen kumar

    I have put in a December month but I have not received any payment before, I am sending the check and now giving three options 1 property 2 share 3 e bike is to choose one of them but I need cash, their numbers do not even appear, they do not seem to have got run away if the company If someone has a solution then tell or mail on this number 9805716416

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