Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews is discussed as the Smart way to earn money in today criteria because by using bike bot app login we all can ride from one place to another, and also this company has launched their own bike bot business specially for those investors who are interested to make huge money in their leisure(free time). After reading all the Bikebot plan reviews one can change their life very easily only by helping each other. Bike bot plan can done by any of the member, bikebot plan is designed for every type of customer.

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews powered by GIPL says that it is an another investment plan launched which is useful for investors as well as riders. There are various facilities are provided by the owner of bike bot company, it is just like ola, uber, rapido. Bikebot plan is running successfully from January 2018. Their office costs around 100 crores.

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews powered by GIPL are better than any other plan which will help you to complete your all dreams in your life.Bikebot business plan is one of the most impressive investment Plan which helps to generate direct and indirect income as well. The main concept of Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews is that place where to invest once and earn more and more money in the form of royalty. Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews are as young generation startup company which has sets its foot in Dadri, Greater Noida, and Loni.

Bikebot company reviews is that it is not only help in providing employment but also in help earning money with its amazing scheme. Bike bot powered by GIPL is a limited company, which is outstanding and investors are increasing here in every minute.Bike bot business plan can be a long- term plan as two-wheeler taxis are becoming a source of full-time jobs in India for courier delivery boys who are graduating to become ‘bike taxi drivers’ whether it is carrying people, the industry is now providing employment to thousands.

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews tells that, this plan will be going to create history in mlm business plans.Bike bot taxi is an amazing feature provided for riders by bike bot Company.In the coming years, bike taxis are likely to provide employment for many, with India’s towns becoming crowded with traffic and the need for people to get around quickly at a lesser cost than an overpriced taxi.


Bike bot business plan has it’s own bike bot taxi app.Bikebot company reviews offerings on its platform ranges from affordable Bike bot taxi on the BIKEBOT Using the BIKEBOT mobile app, users in 50+ cities can simply book from over 1,500 vehicles available to them. Bike bot taxi app, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation, coordinates city transportation for customers and driver partners onto a mobile technology platform. As one of India’s fastest growing companies we ensure convenient, transparent and quick service fulfillment using technology to make transportation hassle free for everyone.

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews

What Is Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews?

All Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews are ultimate, if someone hears this plan, join instantly.BikeBot is just like uber bike, ola bike services.Bikebot is a mobile based app which will help you in riding from one to another place in case an emergency it will be very helpful for all riders. Bikebot company is designed by MR. SANJAY BHATI. Bike bot app is powered by “GARVIT INNOVATIVE PROMOTERS LIMITED”. After Bike bot app login you can easily go anywhere in your city using Bikebot taxi with effective cost to get your journey be hassle free and enjoyable. Bike bot taxi currently operated in Noida and very soon it will be available in other cities like Meerut, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Bhopal, Jaipur and many more.

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews Offers

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews primarily offers a mobile based Bike bot taxi app with all the facilities.
Bikebot Business Plan offers an investment opportunity to earn huge income for lifetime.
Minimum INCOME of RS. 1,17,180 can be earned from Bikebot business Plan.
Mybikebot.Com Business Plan reviews also offers amazing life challenges.
It offers A franchise Business opportunity as an traditional business model and life time earning opportunity.


Bikebot Business is Real-Based Business Plan, Every One can watch this in operated nearby cities .The Bikebot is a limited Company, Not Private Limited. Bikebot Plan’s Investors will get every thing written on a LEGAL AGREEMENT PAPER .The BikeBot Company own his OFFICE in Noida,U.P. (Cost of Office itself is Approx. 100 Crore.) BikeBot Investors get Payout Directly in Bank Account without placing any withdrawal request. Giving Regular Payment on time.


Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews are increasing day by day on google also as this company is working sincerely giving payment, giving all the agreements of one year(until your payout clears).Bike Bot company’s Concept is totally different from all other plans.



Bike Taxi App focused on making your daily travel affordable, faster and safer travel.The government is planning to facilitate the rollout of bike taxis on a bigger scale and is preparing to introduce an app that will also include the new and economical way of commuting. BIKEBOT is most growing startup company which offers Bike taxi using application software at most affordable price. Bike Bot taxi is very much flexible in traffic. It is also helpful for a customer to go in places which consist of narrow lane where cab usually shy away. bike are also easy to park and doesn’t require any special parking area.

BIKEBOT is set to have a new mode of transport – bike taxis. On-demand app-based solution to solve commuting problems due to heavy traffic in cities these days. The bike taxis have only male riders. The service will include women riders will also available later. The two-wheeler taxis have riders with helmet and provide helmet for passengers too.


  • BikeBot App Login is Economical- Low Fare
  • It is Time Saving and faster than any other mode of Transport.
  • Bikebot login is very simple through this app.
  • Pick-up and Drop from your Destination.
  • It Offers helmet for Passengers also.
  • Ladies Drivers will also available for Ladies passengers.

bikebot plan reviews


To Starting with Bikebot business plan you can start with 1 Bike to Multiple Bike (Choice is Yours).
Booster Income Condition is same as Investment Plan.
To Activate any ID, You need to Give Compulsory 3 Direct Reference From Main ID(One side One ID, Other Side 2)
Now Your Main BikeBot Plan Id will be eligible for Direct, Binary and Reward Incomes.

There are 2 Options in Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews

Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews

Option First– You can make your own Investment

Investment Done For 1 BIKE-TAXI=   RS. 62,100
Bike Monthly Installment(YOU RECEIVE) -RS. 5,175
Bike Monthly Rental Income-     RS. 4,590
Total Monthly Income- (5175 + 4590)=  RS. 9,765
Total Yearly Income- (9765 X 12) =   RS. 1,17,180 (Without any Deduction)
Total Profit = (1,17,180 – 62,100) =   RS. 55,080 (Without any Deduction)

Second- You can Build your team to earn unlimited Income
(Investment for MORE 2 Bike within 7 DAYS)

Investment Done For 3 BIKE-TAXI    RS. 1,86,300
Bike Monthly Installment(YOU RECEIVE) – RS. 15,525
Bike Monthly Rental Income- RS. 13,770
Monthly Booster Income- RS. 4,590
Total Monthly Income
(15,525 + 13,770 + 4,590) RS. 33,885
Total Yearly Income- (33,885 X 12) = RS. 4,06,620 (Without any Deduction)
Total Profit = (4,06,620 – 1,86,300) = RS. 2,20,320 (Without any Deduction)

Investment Done For 5 BIKE-TAXI RS. 3,10,500
Eligible for 2 Booster Income RS. 9,180
Monthly Installment+Rental Income RS. 58,005
Total Yearly Income(58,005 X 12) = RS. 6,96,060 (Without any Deduction)
Total Profit = (6,96,060 – 3,10,500) = RS. 3,85,560 (Without any Deduction)



Legal Documents of Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews-

bikebot plan reviews      bikebot app login

Bike Bot business plan


Mybikebot.Com Business Plan Reviews are really outstanding in my opinion. This plan is completely different from other plans it’s concept is ultimate. This plan will be going for a long-term scale as need of transportation facility is increasing day-by-day. If you really want to Earn huge money then no one plan could be better than this plan. In my point of view who ever is reading my article they should Join Bikebot Plan Instantly.
We are also member of this plan we are not company affiliates, we suggest all if you can afford and wants to earn more money then Join this bikebot plan as soon as possible.


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NOTE- If you have any other queries related to this plan then you can Contact us on 9529983715 or you can comment Below.

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