PESA Net Marketing Plan Plan & Review | Join Us to Make Huge Money Plan is one of the most well known company which is now available in India. It is that platform to earn money online in which you can be a richest person ever as the company is giving payment since last year. It gives 80-85% team commission in rs 500 only. company was lauched in February 2016 with just an investment of 100 Rs. PESA net private limited is one of the best business plan through which you can earn money very easily as it is running been so longer. To Join PESA Net Marketing Plan Read the complete article.

Status of Paying

Minimum Investment Amount- 500 Rs.

For Joining click Here–  PESA.NET.IN Registration

For Joining Call or Whatsapp on 9529983715

What is Plan?

Many people ask what is actually Pesa Net Marketing Plan or Plan. So here I will clear all your doubts about the company. Pesa net Marketing is a life changing marketing product that provides you amazing commissions. It provides educational products and strategies to Normal people, Marketers, Business Owners to increase their knowledge about Marketing. These products will help you to increase your income as well as will provide you extra source of Income by giving handsome commissions as well.

pesa net private limited plan provide you the potential to make more money in your existing business by giving you tools, educational products, coaching that work to help you achieve great Lifestyle. PESA provide you with a way to earn leveraged income through their Referral program, which provides marketing systems, tools and products.


  1. Direct Sales Bonus : You will get 30% of every Direct Sale. Suppose If You Personally Refer Someone in pesa net private limited with Income Pro (Rs.1999), You will Receive Rs.600 in Commission
  2. Leadership Bonus : In 30 Days If you Personally Refer Rs.10000 in Business, You will Receive extra 10% Leadership Bonus. On Rs.10000 Direct Sale You will get Rs.3000 Direct Bonus & Rs.1000 in Leadership Bonus, all together Rs.4000 in your Bank Account. PESA net private limited offering multiple income for retired people and free lancers.
  3. Network Bonus : In order to qualify to get paid in Network Bonus, You need to have at least One Person on your Left and One Person on your Right with any Package You will get 5-10% of the Business Volume that you accumulate on smaller Business Volume Side, Suppose If Left Side bringing more Volume.

Example 12 Lac on Left Side & 10 Lac on Right side, You will get 5-10% of 10 Lac. Approx. Rs.100000 in your Bank Account. Smaller Business Volume Minus from Left Side & Right Side and Remaining Business Volume Roll over next week, In this case 10 Lac Points minus from Left & 10 Lac Point Minus from Right. Remaining 2 Lac point from left Rollover next week. This Volume keeps Rolling over until you use them. In this way you will get Paid to unlimited Depth. You will get 5-10% Network Bonus according to following educational packages :

A. Advance Training : 5%

B. Fast Earner Formula :6%

C. Income Pro : 7%

Weekly Capping : There is a weekly Capping applicable to Network Bonus. If You have Advance Training (Rs.500 Package), You get paid up to Rs.3500 weekly, In fast Earner Formula Rs.7000 weekly & In Income Pro Its Rs.15000 Weekly i.e. Rs.60000/Month However in Direct Bonus & in Leadership Bonus there is no Capping means you can make unlimited amount of Money in these Bonuses.

How to Join Plan

Joining or becoming a member of Pesa Net Maketing Plan is very easy and simple.

By following the below steps you can join Pesa Marketing Instantly. You can also call or Whatsapp at +91 9529983715 to know more about

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  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the details – First select Position- Right, Payment method – net banking or you can send amount through Paytm. Select Plan & Package, Fill account Details, Mobile No., Email address.
  3. Click Register now.
  4. Now you have to payment through net banking/credit card/ debit card.

Note:- You can also activate your id by just sending your details like Name, Mobile No., Email address on 9529983715 and also send payment of your plan & package on my paytm no. that is 9529983715.

Legal Documents of Plan

pesa net marketing plan   PRIVATE LIMITED REVIEW plan is an innovative technology to earn money with a very small amount of investment just 500 Rs. It can take you higher in binary techniques as in my opinion this plan will go so longer. Even I made a lot of money through this business plan and also this company is providing educational and motivational material for their promoters. So don’t get confused join soon.

Still, we are not directly associated with the Company. So Invest if can afford to lose in these type of plans.

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